About Nitin Kumar Singh

About me


– Performed EDA to get more information from the data.

– Performed Data Visualisation techniques to understand data more closely.

– Applied Statistical Analysis techniques to check relationship among the variables.

– Applied Feature Engineering techniques to mould data in a excellent shape for prediction.

– Used ML Regression/Classification Algorithms to get the prediction.

– Performed Model Evaluation technique to find best Model for our dataset.

– Web Scraping and Analysis of Products on the basis of Reviews using NLP.

– Image Classifier to distinguish Laptops and Mobiles using OpenCV, Deep Learning CNN models like VGG16, ResNet.

– Object Detection using OpenCV, Facter R-CNN model.

– -Dashboard designing using Excel.



– Problem Solving, Time Mangement, Team Player



– Python, R, SQL, Mathematics & Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Neural Networks, MS Office, Advance Excel.