About Ahmed Shuja

About me

I’m a final-year student enrolled in NED University. A determined and hardworking individual seeks to use an in-depth understanding of data analysis to propel the career forward. Currently, I’ve performed few tasks correlated with data analysis on Kaggle which earned me few bronze medals. I’m curious about learning the latest techniques in
data science

Intra-personal skills: Discipline, Teamwork, Confident, Time punctual, problem solver,
Software skills: Microsoft Office, Anaconda, R-studio, Tableau, Microsoft SQL server, Matlab, Dialux, AutoCAD.
language skills: Python, R, SQL, C++
Interest: Sports, Modern Technologies, Travelling

I will use my knowledge to bring new innovations to an environment or project. I am strong-willed, open-minded and a hard worker ready for anything and everything. I look forward to new experiences and new connections.